YLC Volunteer Spotlight

YLC Volunteer: Max
Volunteer Position: Student Tutor
Max began volunteering at YLC because, as a junior at Washington University in the Fall of 2008, he wanted to get more involved in the St. Louis community and he saw YLC as the perfect opportunity to step outside of the Wash U "bubble." Max saw that YLC valued all the things he valued, namely providing a wide range of young students the opportunity to work in a positive and encouraging environment with their fellow peers and older mentors.

Max graduated from Washington University in St. Louis last year and is in the process of applying to medical school. When he is not working in a pulmonary research lab at the Washington University School of Medicine, he is volunteering his time tutoring Simone, a YLC student.

Max had this to say about his volunteer experience: “I would have to say my favorite part about volunteering at YLC would be the continuous contact I am able to have with one student, so that I have now reached a point where I can say I have a true connection with the student I work with, and I feel that I not only give her academic advice, but have a connection with her more as an older life mentor and role model. I would just like people to know how happy I have been as a tutor at YLC for more than two years, and what's more important is that I feel each year YLC has improved and really taken the suggestions we tutors give them, so I can now truly say the smoothness of operations as improved drastically from when I first started out. Thank you for the past two years!”

If you are interested in becoming a YLC volunteer like Max, please contact us to explore the various opportunities YLC has to offer.


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