Success Stories

Allegra Merriweather

Allegra Merriweather, who attended YLC during her last three years of middle school, recently graduated from Parkway West Senior High School with a 3.3 grade point average. While at Parkway, Allegra earned the Martin Luther King Jr. Award, Esprite de Corps Award, Voluntary Interdistrict Transfer Graduate of the Year, and Vivian Edwards Award. She will attend Saint Louis University in the fall of 2010 to study biochemistry and plans on becoming a neurosurgeon with the goal of curing Parkinson’s Disease.

Allegra credits YLC with helping her become a successful student. “YLC was very instrumental in assisting me in developing a strong work ethic while balancing extracurricular activities especially in the transition between middle school and high school,” she said. “The help I received at YLC helped keep me up to speed with what I wasn't necessarily getting from my school, especially in English, and even assisted me in many of my honors placements to follow. YLC also taught me one of the most essential skills in the modern world, networking. YLC shaped me into the well-rounded person I am today.”

Marya Miles

Marya Miles recently graduated from Metro Academic Classical High School as an International Baccalaureate Diploma recipient She will attend Truman State University in the fall of 2010 to study mathematics. Marya plans to get a Ph.D. in mathematics and become an actuary.

Marya attended YLC her last two years of middle school. She credits YLC with increasing her self-confidence. “YLC made me more comfortable around kids who were ethnically similar to me without me having to prove who I was or wanted to be; and in a way I became a better person because of this environment,” she said. “My driving point came from Mr. Bill Kent himself when he told me that the only thing that was stopping me from being great is myself.”

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams is a student at Soldan International Studies High School maintaining a 3.7 grade point average. He is involved in many organizations, participates in job training internships with the St. Louis Internship Program, and has been accepted into an advanced placement course in biology. After high school, he intends to pursue additional schooling through academic scholarships.

Jonathan began attending YLC in fifth grade. “During that year I first went to YLC I was ready for anything and determined to learn. I even participated in activities for the younger kids because I was not missing out on anything there,” he said. “I had never seen anything like it: you would come in and they would have volunteers come and teach or tutor you on your homework. I would even not want to go home because YLC was my special learning place.” While at YLC, Jonathan earned the “King of the Court” title of the Black and White Ball fundraiser. “YLC gave me the gift of having fun while learning or to make it fun for learning as well as a positive attitude toward things to never give up.” Jonathan also volunteered at YLC during his freshman year in high school and still stops in to visit.


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