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HISTORY The Youth Learning Center (YLC) is founded on the belief that every child can be successful given the right opportunities and supportive environments. Minister Willie L. Kent, Sr., and Ray and Judy DeLuca Ford founded the organization in 2003 as Youth Technology and Education Center (YTEC). At that time, Willie L. Kent, Sr., was already a tireless force of good in his community--in addition to working a 50-hour a week job, he also shepherded a community church and ran a food pantry, a prison ministry, a youth program, and a homeless shelter in the loft of the church for 22 men. Through their friendship, which developed as coworkers at Buckeye International Inc., Minister Kent and the Fords provided a vision for YLC that continues today. The generous contributions of Ray and Judy Deluca Ford helped expand and bring their shared vision into physical reality.

Minister Kent and the Fords quickly realized the need to consolidate their mission into one concentrated focus. They wanted to give children as much opportunity as possible, as early as possible to achieve their goals and dreams. The founders teamed up with some great volunteers to provide their time and talents to help tutor and nurture our students as well as serve as founding board members. They first created a gardening project for the children where they learned how to work the land, plant and harvest their crops, and enjoy them food products for themselves and their families.

Seeing the amount of energy and enthusiasm the children and community gave to the gardening program, the founders decided to focus that enthusiasm solely on academic preparation, character building, and community service; this was the beginning of YLC.

The mission of Minister Kent and the Fords continues as YLC's mission today: provides unique academic and enrichment experiences for youth from underserved communities to inspire lifelong learning, social responsibility, and moral leadership. Their goal and YLC's continued goal is to have each child achieve his or her God-given potential, and to facilitate that, the center provides a rigorous after-school program and an engaging summer camp program. YLC owes much of its success to the quality of the volunteers who support the program. YLC is grateful for the many people who have helped make the program successful for our deserving children and we extend our most hearty thanks and appreciation to our volunteers, faculty and staff. YLC is dependent on their collective willingness to give all that they have to our children. We are pleased and proud to say that we are operating each year at a higher level of success and engagement, and are renowned throughout our community for what we do.

In 2010, the organization changed its name to Youth Learning Center (YLC) to more clearly identify education as the primary aim of the organization. YLC concentrates its learning enhancement activities in mathematics, English and language arts, science, computer science, and entrepreneurship and civic leadership. YLC founders and administrators will never stop until every child has the opportunity to achieve their dreams because they have the skills needed and encourage them to give back to their communities to compete the cycle and pay it forward. That is really the beauty of YLC and the people who make it a reality every day.


Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Program Hours:
Monday - Friday 2:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

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